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Losing Your Pounds of Pain

Titel: Losing Your Pounds of Pain
Auteur: Doreen Virtue
isbn: 9781561709502
Taal: Engels

Prijs: € 19.99

Klant beoordeling

This is a wonderful book from Doreen Virtue that will truly help you break the damaging connection between emotional pain and overeating!


As a result of many years of therapeutic work with hundreds of clients, Dr. Virtue came to understand how various degrees of psychological and physical abuse caused her clients to turn to food for comfort, security, and even self-punishment.


Although many were convinced that once they lost their excess weight, their pain would cease to exist, just the opposite was actually true: first they had to lose their pain, then their weight would normalise. This book is long overdue and will help thousands of people release their pounds of pain!