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Keepers of the Light

Titel: Keepers of the Light
Auteur: Kyle Gray
isbn: 9781781806968
Taal: Engels

Prijs: € 22.25

Klant beoordeling

The Keepers of the light are a powerful congregation of ascended and enlightened beings who are dedicated to the nurturing of the world. Their spiritual intelligence and support are available to all those who call on them. The Keepers of the Light Oracle allows you to access their guidance.


Just like angels, these light keepers are multi-dimensional and can be in all places at once with their love and guidance. Many of them once walked the Earth like you and me. They went through deep spiritual transformations that helped many people, and at the time of their ‘death’ or ‘passing’ they were given the option to continue offering their spiritual teachings and experience to the world through their emotional intelligence, which now resides in heaven. Others are angels, archangels, gods and goddesses from the myths, legends, spiritual texts and religions of the world, all with special gifts and qualities to offer.


This deck of oracle cards is a rainbow bridge that allows you to connect directly with these beings in heaven so that they can share their messages and wisdom. Let your connection to the Keepers of the Light Oracle become an exciting ritual that elevates your energy, ignites your soul and enriches your spiritual practice.


Oracle cards form a strong connection between you and the intelligence that is available to you in the universe, so when you are picking cards you will be guided to those you need by your angels and spiritual guides. Your Keepers of the Light Oracle will eventually create a deep bond with your soul so that you will be able to develop your own interpretations of them and deepen the insight your intuition offers you.