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Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Titel: Guardian Angel Tarot Cards
Auteur: Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
isbn: 9781401942304
Taal: Engels

Prijs: € 24.99

Klant beoordeling

If you’ve ever used a deck of angel oracle cards, then the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards will seem very comfortable to you! The only real difference between angel oracle cards and tarot is that the latter follows a structured story line of what life is like on Earth. We are born, go to school, meet friends, fall in love, and choose careers. All these aspects of life are found in tarot. Because millions of people have lovingly come to tarot for guidance, it has become a language of the Divine. And it is extremely reliable and accurate.


It may surprise you to know that tarot was originally a parlor game, similar to bridge! As time went by, intuitive people realized that there was more to it. There have been many times in human history when it wasn’t always safe to fully display one’s intuition for fear of reprisal. This is one of the reasons why tarot had such a secretive nature in the ancient past. But we’re very blessed that in today’s world, most of us are now free to embrace our spiritual gifts to help those in need.

We’ve kept the classic structure of tarot in this deck, with changes that express its loving and supportive nature. Every card is safe for highly sensitive people.


This is because traditional tarot was shrouded in secrecy to avoid the persecution of those with spiritual gifts, such as what happened in the Inquisition. False rumors were spread about tarot by religious and political leaders who were threatened by practitioners’ spiritual powers. So this ancient art has remained mysterious and a bit frightening to those who didn’t understand it. This fear was compounded by cards that contained troubling images and words.

Yet, tarot is still the most accurate tool with which to receive detailed information and answers. Of course, you can get guidance by going directly to God, Jesus, and the angels. However, when you’re stressed, it’s difficult to feel or hear their presence or messages. That’s when tarot cards can create a pipeline to Heavenly guidance for you.


As you work with the cards, you’ll notice that many of the images feature guardian angels. These images will open your heart to their guidance when you use the deck. Your guardian angels are always with you, and their entire purpose is to support you in becoming more peaceful and fulfilling your Divine life mission. They help you feel safe and joyful so that you can better hear messages from God, the archangels, and the guardian angels of anyone you’re doing a reading for.

Whether you’re getting guidance for yourself, a loved one, or a client, you’ll find that the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards will speak clearly to you.


Guardian Angel Tarot Doreen Virtue